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Our Services

American Management Services, Inc. can and does provide tailor made services for all communities. Generally, these are categorized as follows:

Full Management Services 

(Frequency of Meetings - To be determined by the Board)

Financial Services Only

(No Management attendance at meetings)

Pick and Choose Management Services Questionnaire 
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Consultation on an hourly fee basis per your needs.

Administrative Services include, but are not limited to:

Day to day administrative services would include responding to oral and written communications of all types from homeowners, vendors, board members, all of which are recorded. Preparing of notices for Board Meetings, Annual Meetings; routine and periodic site inspections; generating enforcement correspondence and responding to homeowner inquiry relating to same; updating and recording unit files with new owner information; generating welcome letters; maintaining Association Functional Files.

Supervisory Services include, but are not limited to:

Preparation of Board Packets with component reports cited in FAQ's; Preparation of detailed specifications for bidding on major jobs; Insuring for the timely preparation and distribution of the Annual Budget and the Annual Review or Audit and Corporate Tax Returns for the Association, if appropriate; Consultation and Preparation of Insurance Specifications; Ordinary maintenance and repair of the common area; Major repair/alteration of the common area - excluding Construction Management Services.

Advisory Services include, but are not limited to:

Claims administration; law suit participation; defect investigations and claims actions; pursuing and prosecuting delinquent assessments; revision of project documents; negotiating and management of contracts greater than $5,000; and Reserve Requirements and Funding; and newsletter preparation and distribution.

Financial Services include, but are not limited to:

Assessment collection; assessment deposits; disbursements; delinquency follow-up; lien enforcement policy and practice; and invoice approval; invoice payment; preparation of 1099'sand Financial Report preparation.

Emergency Services

Emergency services are those not typically included in the day to day operations of the Association, but responded to at any time of the day or night, 7 days a week.

Developer Services

New Association Set-up and Management

American Management Services, Inc. specializes in forming the Homeowners Association for developers, ensuring that it is set up and run properly under the developers watch on the Board of Directors.

The creation of a new community is uniquely different than the maintenance of the older, existing association. Because the developer controls the Board of Directors, there must be an assurance that the Association complies with all Civil Code requirements as are required with the older, existing community. The developer must also stay at arm's length from potential conflicts of interest, while management of the community is concurrently in alignment with DRE requirements. The acceptance of common area components becomes a significant factor; and an error in the adoption of the association's budget can lead to the invalidation of the public report, which would result in materially changing the offering.

Through our experience in this field, we understand the need to constantly observe the process. We have experience in the management of all types of communities from condominiums to high-rises, town homes and master planned communities. We take the primary leadership role in navigating the community and the developer through the set up of the corporate requirement and act as an advocate in the resolution of their outstanding issues to protect the developer's best interests, while the process of community building amongst the homeowners takes place.

Common Area Maintenance Acceptance Walk-through

Maintenance Acceptance by the Association is always a difficult issue in the life of a new Association. Typically, homeowner members of the Board and others do not understand that they already own the property, and that "acceptance" is for the purpose of obtaining an objective opinion by an independent "honest broker" on the condition of the installed common area at the time of its transference to the community.

Since we manage the property, we simply cannot fulfill the role of the honest broker during the Acceptance Inspection; however, we accompany our contractors and specialists in order to understand what they see, and record the findings of their inspections in order to insure that the Association's best interests are always protected. We then coordinate with developer to insure that those items of the common area that require some sort of remediation prior to acceptance, are indeed attended to.

Whether you are reading this as a developer, or as a representative of a homeowners association, please contact us for further information concerning how we may be of service.