Disclosure Packets for Unit Sales

Management Philosophy

On Standard Setting and Being an Expert

At American Management Services, Inc. we pride ourselves on setting positive and professional standards that not only meet the minimum requirements for the designations that we hold, but exceed them. We feel that we go the necessary extra steps to be the most informed, the best educated, and the best prepared managers in the industry. Our managers hold professional designations through PCAM and everyone who holds a designation practices self improvement through continuing professional education.

On Innovation

In the Common Interest Management Industry, the compensation for managing a community association has remained a constant for a long time among the vast majority of Associations and management companies. In the end, we all fundamentally provide the same services to our clients for about the same dollars and cents, some more... and some completely different -- dependent on the level of experience and professional development the manager has had.

At American Management Services, Inc. we have taken the steps to develop a paperless office. Yes, we create paper in the process of creating our work product, and we have to process the paper of others, but in the end, it all becomes an electronic file. This effort has resulted in such things as the development of a proprietary electronic filing system for ease of document location; electronic archiving of most of the historic files of the community, and our ability to produce electronic board packets to the client board's who desire them. We see this action as a step for the future and we have taken the risk of going in that direction. There is always a new wrinkle in something old, and we are not afraid to take the risk of developing it!!

On Value without Expectation

In sales, and that is what all management companies do, we sell our services to potential prospects. Our job is to make certain that the customer has a clear understanding of how their Association will profit after they signed the contract... And that the profit is greater than their desire to "buy" management services at the lower price. Everyone is American Management Services, Inc. is prepared to provide potential clients with value before they decide to sign with us. Give us a call or contact us to see exactly what the value will be.